Why do physician experts choose MyHeal?

MyHeal is an effective doctor's tool that takes the process of communication with patients to a new level!

The functionality of the platform allows you to move part of the medical practice into an online format. It will save time and normalize work.


  • Use of all the features is completely free for both doctors and patients.
  • Transfer of unplanned communication with the patient via phone calls and messengers to convenient format of online appointment, medical consultation on MyHeal
  • The family doctor can significantly reduce the time for consultation: with the help of audio-to-text feature. Just dictate the conclusion and the program will automatically generate the text.
  • The doctor will have access to the patient's medical records. The results of assigned research and tests are instantly sent to the email box and archived.
  • Text / video of all consultations is stored in the doctor's medical archive.
  • Physicians can send invitations to their patients to register on MyHeal via email or sms. This allows to transfer the database of patients to an online format and establish communication with them very easily.

With the help of the MyHeal platform, the doctor can take his social mission to a new level! Thanks to the constant monitoring of patients' health, doctors can detect their problems in advance and minimize the risk of serious disease development.