Try all the MyHeal features for free right now! Full access for 90 days, then only 99 hryvnias per month.

Free Rate

  • Access to basic portal functionality
  • Access to the main content of the site, such as informational articles, medical news, health tips, etc.
  • Ability to choose a family doctor and conclude a declaration
  • Communication system between doctor and patient
  • Receipt of messages and notifications from the doctor via email or SMS
  • Newsletter from the family doctor: Patients have the opportunity to receive newsletters from doctors, including those specializing in specific risk groups (e.g., chronic diseases, pregnancy, etc.). Patients may receive newsletters specific to their geographic location. This may include newsletters from doctors in specific hospitals or medical centers.
  • Free consultations: The ability to receive a limited number of free consultations with a doctor or specialist via chat or video call.

Paid Rate - 99 hryvnias per month

Payment for access to advanced portal features and resources such as:

  • Screening and monitoring programs
  • Personal medical archive
  • Health dynamics
  • Automatic synchronization of analyzes
  • Notifications of deviations from the norm
  • Referrals and certificates
  • Family account for children or elderly relatives

Trial Period

  • The client is provided with a trial period - access to the full functionality of the portal for a period of 90 days from the date of registration.

Payment Overdue

  • In case the client fails to pay for the portal subscription renewal for the next month, automatic transition to basic functionality occurs.

Subscription cancellation:

If you wish to remove this payment method from your list of payment options, click «Confirm removal"».

Turning off this payment method will not cancel any of your open orders and will not cause automatic payment settings using this method to fail.