Why do people who care about their health choose MyHeal?

MyHeal is a free tool for maintaining good health status of a person, his friends and family members!

This is an innovative tool for monitoring any changes in the human body in order to prevent the diseases. The functionality of the service allows to receive qualified medical specialist’s consultations.


  • Using all MyHeal functionality is absolutely free!
  • He monitoring system automatically generates the program of necessary medical tests and reaches, taking into account gender, age, past illnesses and bad habits of a patient.
  • The tests results go to the user's personal medical archive, digitized old paper documents can also be added here. Only the user has access to this archive, but he can open it for a doctor, medical consultant or specialist presented in the platform.
  • The user gets the opportunity to organize quick online consultations with any doctor at any time and anywhere. Communication is not limited in chat - you can use audio or video communication.
  • The user can monitor the health of his family members by creating separate accounts for them and making them his wards, independently managing their profiles on MyHeal.

Thanks to this service, a person gets the opportunity to know in advance about changes in his body, get professional advice and prevent serious diseases in time!